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Craig Winslow is an experiential designer with a focus on projection mapping as augmented reality, and a fascination with how we incorporate the past within the future.

After getting a BS in graphic design and 3D art, he fused his skillsets together working on an industrial design team at JDK Design. Craig left to work independently and has spent the past several years building his own studio and creating interactive work for clients. For the past year as Adobe Creative Resident, he's brought to life his most recent project, Light Capsules, reviving dozens of fading ads & local history across the United States, Canada, and UK. His latest project is a permanent experience at The Neon Museum called 'Brilliant!' and tickets are available now. 

Here's the long version.

I'm a born and raised New Englander from just outside of Portland, ME.

Growing up, I loved playing outside, inventing games & adventures nearby woods and streams. As time went on, my imagination blended with a love for technology, making wonderfully weird videos with friends, and embracing an internet world in its infancy. As long as I can remember, I've felt a dual-citizenship of sorts between physical play & digital wonder.

I moved to Vermont for college, graduating Cum Laude from Champlain College in 2010 with a bachelor's in Multimedia & Graphic Design, and a focus in 3D Art & Animation. I loved traditional design, yet again had an undeniable interest in 3D work, but no idea how I would use it yet.

A week after graduation I started a dream internship at JDK Design where I worked on design & digital production of Burton Snowboards. Fun fact: the design test for this internship went to my spam folder. Always double check your spam folder.

That fall, my 3D skills had my back and I was hired to their Industrial Design team as a 3D Designer. For the three years that followed, I worked on various projects for many clients including Chaco, Merrell, Planned Parenthood, Xbox, Seventh Generation, Beats by Dr. Dre, Incase, and Virgin Mobile, amoung others.

In May 2013, I left to start my own design studio after a passion project became a creative catalyst, and embraced my love for blending the physical & digital. Since then, I've focused full-time on self-initiated concepts, collaborative projects, and client-based work. By the start of 2014, I became adjunct faculty at Champlain College and taught/reinvented a course on 3D Form & Space.

At the start of 2015, I moved to Portland, OR, where I soon discovered how confusing it is to move to another Portland. As part of the move, I created a road trip adventure Kickstarter project called Projecting West.

In May 2016 I landed a year-long dream job as Adobe Creative Resident, focusing on a new project Light Capsules for an entire year, fully funded by Adobe. I also had a studio space based in XOXO Outpost.

Since recently wrapping up the residency with Adobe, I've been working on various new projects. One in particular, a permanent installation, just launched at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas. It's called 'Brilliant!' and it's you should definitely try and get tickets.

I'm also part of the collective Conjure who help manage my studio, enabling me to take on larger projects, and realize more of my ideas.


craig @ craigwinslow . com

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