Last year, after illuminimal, there was illumifeet, my first big project after striking out on my own as a freelance/independent designer.

This year BucketFeet invited me back to take over an entire window for the whole summer in their Soho NYC pop-up shop, from May 8 – July 31, 2014.

This marks the longest installation we’ve done to date, and instead of hanging shoes from fishing line, Justin Kuzma and I fabricated custom supports for the shoes, housed within the tessellated structure I designed and produced with the help of our intern, Zack.

Huge thanks to Kevin Barry who shot & edited the video, as well as Nicholas Giordani, who I collaborated with to make an original song for it.

It’s been a humbling project to mark 1 year since leaving my job at a big design studio to work as an independent designer, and I’ve been reflecting lately on how far I’ve come, with excitement looking forward, planning what’s coming next.

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