Apply bass directly to face.

Higher Ground commemorative gig poster design for Bassnectar.

Bassnectar’s eclectic mixes, powerful bass, and body-resonating vibrations deserved a powerful poster. To capture this complex emotion, I couldn’t see any other way than to shatter a digital head, freezing a tense moment in time.

Paying homage to Bassnectar’s prevalent digital sounds, I used a polygonal model and initially simulated an explosion using 3-D software, then finessed each piece by hand to get a more even scatter. A more subtle color palette of metallic white on white on white, helped restrain the overall intensity of the design.

Bassnectar Show Poster — 4/17/12
3-color print with silver metallic
Printed on 100# Finch Opaque Smooth Cover (Bright White)

15 x 15 inches

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