An interactive environment to explore the impact we can make on the world around us.

Contribute to a living environment & realize the power of your gestures. You are the interaction.

Take control of an interactive story of our built versus natural environment, told through a 3D projection mapping installation, orchestrating a thematic journey of tranquility & chaos through abstract light and color.


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GrowthLive_05 Artist ShadowGrowthLive_05 Artist Shadow

One of the most rewarding moments from this whole project, and my career thus far, was seeing a young mother and her son interacting with the installation. The young boy carefully, respectfully, moved his hands above the pedestal, in complete awe of what he was controlling.

This was a memory of theirs that would stick, and hopefully inspire them, for years to come. This type of moment is what drives me to create meaningful, immersive experiences.

Meet the project collaborators.


Alana Aviel is a brilliant NYC-based artist, designer, & fabricator, who received her doctorate in 2013 on liminal architecture, outlining the delicate blending of the real and virtual. Her passionate attitude is contagious and regularly drives me to push myself.

Her role on this project was heavily conceptual + design-based, influencing the overall story and assisting in the design and setup of the installation.

Coberlin Brownell is a former professor of mine, fellow JDK alumnus, and current professor and creative technologist powerhouse. He’s never scared to tackle something new.

For this project, he took the reigns on the background projection, building an interactive world in Unity as a backdrop for the experience, bringing to life the artistic direction Alana & I developed.

Justin Kuzma is one of my longest time collaborators and former studiomate. This guy wears so many technical hats it’s hard to keep them all on the same rack.

Aside from being a skilled engineer and iOS developer, he tends to just figure stuff out. For this project he owned the sculpture projection, creating an interactive sketch for the Leap Motion in Processing.

Process & progress through collaborative creation.


The form of the physical design was directly inspired by the location, but the narrative of the interaction and content evolved over time.

What started as a “nature vs. industry” concept quickly villainized human interaction, so we pulled it back to offer more of a sandbox for exploring the emotions of your impact, and draw your own conclusions.