Concept, Installation


Self-initiated debut into projection mapping.

Footwear projection mapping concept that became a career catalyst.

While working full time on an industrial design team, we designed a lot of footwear.

At night, I snuck down to the photo studio, where I had been experimenting with projection mapping. This idea soon popped up that could revolutionize our presentations, while also creating a tool to rapidly-rapid-prototype visualizing our designs & colorways. 

This concept project was performed live, filmed, and shared online. Little did I know it would turn into a career catalyst. A month later, in May of 2013, I left my full time job and stated my own design studio, pursuing this type of work full time. 

The originally idea sparked from thinking it would be a great solution to minimize paper waste from printing out countless color & trend colorway mockups.



“Although the technology behind this project is relatively simple, it was in the exploration, 
playing, and doing something just for the sake of doing something we were excited about, that led to a fresh execution.”


Special thanks to talented designers 
Josh Franklin and Jeff Yeager.