Live explorations through movement, sound, and light.

Forgotten spaces come to life, sparking conversations through multimedia performance.

Much of our experience in our fast paced, technology fueled lives lends itself to sonic and visual clutter. There is an endless source of ‘white noise’ that we tend to ignore and have a habit of tuning out only to have it act as a constant cacophony of senses, in the background.

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Experiential designer Craig Winslow, sound designer Miles Dean and movement artist & choreographer Erika Senft Miller have set out to draw attention to the concept of white noise in our everyday lives by honing in on some of these sounds and sights to examine how we may feel when we are confronted with that which we are so used to ignoring.

In a sonically and visually rewarding performance incorporating movement, costumes, sound and projection mapping, they create atmospheres to isolate as well as inundate our senses. It could be serene, melodic and dreamy one moment, while visceral and jarring the next, creating a dynamic ebb and flow of intensity that will keep the audience engaged, entertained and immersed.

SALT — October 2, 2016 — Burlington, Vermont

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