Concept, Sculpture, Projection


Equal parts personal brand piece + inner mantra.

Hand-painted anamorphic type sculpture made with objects from my childhood.

"Build the Future" was a self-initiated project, an expanded proof of concept for another project that never happened.

FEATURED ON The Creator's Project

Projected typography plays with our personal perspective. To take full advantage of multiple viewing angles, I decided on a cyclical message with different colors that crashed over each other abstractly. When rotated, the message resolves when standing in the correct location.

The message is a simple one. It’s hard to let go of the past, but I propose a different solution: look at your past and build from it, create a better future for yourself and others.

Additionally, most people become tied down by objects, stuff, and things. By selecting childhood possessions and essentially destroying them to make something new, I took a strong step to build onto and recontextualize the memories they contain, while freeing them from the box they would otherwise live in.

Huge thanks to Meredith Henshaw helping to paint all these objects by hand.

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